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Study School End of intake
Bachelor of Accountancy2013-10-212024-06-30
Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship2013-10-212024-07-01
Bachelor of Arts in Economics2013-10-212024-07-01
Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management2013-10-212024-07-30
Bachelor of Arts with Education0000-00-002019-04-30
Bachelor of Business Administration2013-10-212024-07-01
Bachelor of Business Studies with Education2013-10-212019-04-30
Bachelor of Education2017-08-082024-07-01
Bachelor of Education - Educational Psychology2017-08-080000-00-00
Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education2017-08-080000-00-00
Bachelor of Education in Education Management2017-08-080000-00-00
Bachelor of Education in Primary Education2017-08-080000-00-00
Bachelor of Education in Sociology of Education2017-08-080000-00-00
Bachelor of Education-Physical Education and Sport2017-08-082026-12-31
Bachelor of Education-Special Needs Education 2017-08-082026-12-31
Bachelor of ICT with Education2013-10-212024-07-01
Bachelor of Science in Marketing2013-10-212024-07-01
Bachelor of Science in Procurement and Supply Chain Management2013-10-212024-07-01
Bachelor of Science with Education0000-00-002019-04-30
Diploma in Agriculture Science Education0000-00-002022-10-01
Diploma in Early Child-hood Education2017-08-080000-00-00
French For Specific Purposes0000-00-002021-12-31
Master of Arts in Civic Education0000-00-002019-12-28
Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Leadership 0000-00-002018-12-28
Master of Arts in General Linguistics0000-00-002021-12-01
Master of Arts in History0000-00-002018-12-28
Master of Arts in Human Resource Management2013-10-212099-08-08
Master of Arts in Linguistic Science0000-00-002018-12-28
Master of Arts in Religious Studies0000-00-002018-12-28
Master of Business Administration-Executive2013-10-212025-12-31
Master of Business Administration-Finance2013-10-212025-12-25
Master of Business Administration-General2013-10-212090-08-11
Master of Business Studies2013-10-210000-00-00
Master of Education in Mathematics Education0000-00-000000-00-00
Master of Education in Sociology of Education0000-00-002018-12-28
Master of Education in Special Education2017-08-082018-12-28
Master of Science in Biology Education0000-00-002099-04-01
Master of Science in Chemistry Education0000-00-002099-04-01
Master of Science in Geography0000-00-002018-12-28
Master of Science in Mathematics Education0000-00-002023-01-09
Master of Science in Physics Education0000-00-002090-04-04
Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Methodology2017-08-082018-12-28