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November, 2022

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Dear All,
The Directorate of Research, Postgraduate Studies and Innovation is pleased to invite interested Kwame Nkrumah University Academic Staff to submit Research Proposals for funding under the Kwame Nkrumah University Research Grant Programme (KNURGP).

Under the KNURGP, KNU will provide seed funding to successiful reearch projects of upto Fifty Thousand Kwacha (ZMW 50,000).

Selection will be made strictly based on the merits of the research proposal, the scope of the research project and the professional details of the applicant. Each reserch proposal will be subjected to a two-phase evaluation procedure, carried out by the University Research Committee assisted by external experts (assessors) during the project evaluation.

1. The first phase will involve checking the research proposals for their administrative compliance and eligibility criteria, in order to ensure that they fulfil the administrative and technical requirements of the Programme.

2. Research propsals that satisfy the eligibility criteria and fulfil administrative compliance will be subjected to quality assessment that is based on a scoring system and results in a ranked list of all the applications.

Interested staff are advised completete the application form and to read the Guidelines for the Management of Research Grants available on the KNU's website and are hereby attached.

Application forms prepared by the applicants in the relevant format and endorsed by their suppervising officers may be submitted to the Directorate of Research, Postgraduate Studies and Innovation by
E-mail: postgrad@nkrumah.edu.zm .

The last date for submitting applications for the funding is November 30, 2022.

Patrick Sibanda (PhD)
Directorste of Research Postgraduate Studies and Innovation.
Kwame Nkrumah Univereity

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KNURGP-Application form Disbursements of Kwame Nkrumah University Research Grant Research Proposals Funding-Call November 2022

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