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Student Orientation/Inductions

The orientation programme intends to introduce all students to the academic, social and cultural environment at Kwame Nkrumah University. Orientations are held for first year while, seminars and workshops are also organised for other category of students whenever it is necessary. There are many events that take place during these activities. This is the time when students come to know each other. Some events will help the students understand how to study and learn in a University setting. However, the main purpose of all the events is to make the students feel comfortable and understand where to run to when faced with any academic or non- academic challenge. The orientation programme is conducted for one week and during this orientation, the first year students get to have an opportunity to meet with the Vice Chancellor during the special welcome ceremony and the Schools to understand various expectations from them. Orientation programme is conducted by an Orientation Team involving trained students and members of staff.

Student Records

Students are required to submit all their records as directed by the University from time to time. These records once submitted by the student, are retained on student record files for use by the University. Students in most cases are required to submit the following documents to the University registry:

  • Original admission letter to the University;
  • A photocopy of the national registration card;
  • A photocopy of Grade 12 results;
  • A photocopy of deposit slip from a recognised bank on all financial transactions entered with the University
  • A photocopy of professional academic qualifications;
  • One passport size photo
  • Confirmation slip and a medical certificate.

Importance of Student Record Information

  • A student record card is where student’s documents are filed such as; copies of National Registration Card, Grade 12 certificate, admission letter etc.;
  • It is used to process student’s final clearance process;
  • It is used as reference document, e.g. when issuing a student with recommendation letters by the University.