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Message From The Head of Department

The department of geography welcomes you to the dynamic discipline of geography that equips students with knowledge, critical thinking and analytical skills to contribute constructively to building society and resolving its problems.

Currently, the department is running a Bachelor of Arts (BA Ed.) degree programme that is designed to meet the needs of the Geography teaching fraternity and to fulfill academic requirements for professional certification. The department also runs an expanding Master of Science in Geography programme (MSc. GEOGRAPHY) that has attracted students from all over the country.

Geography courses give solid grounding in both the human and physical fundamentals of the discipline. The courses also impart practical geography skills such as map work, statistics and team field work experiences all of which are very useful in the world of work. A good range of options exist in areas of study such as Settlement planning, Urban geography, Biogeography, Environmental management, Hazards and Disasters, Geography health and Development.

Among the careers open to the graduates from the department are in the teaching service, the Disaster management unit, town planning, statistical office, water utility companies, and in NGOs that deal with climate change.

Come train for an exciting and promising career of your choice.

Mrs. Mikala Sikaaze Bwalya

Head of Department